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The Flawed Females Podcast

Rachel and Lizzie are shaking things up and talking about topics that women NEED to hear!  From Mindfulness to Meditation, Manifestation to Masturbation - nothing is off the table.  


If you're perfectly imperfect and ready to live a fucking amazing life...


This is the podcast for you.

Jul 29, 2019

We talk about quite a bit on this episode...only one thing matters though.  A blow-your-mind announcement that happens in the first half of the show.  That's all you're getting...this is a MUST LISTEN episode!  Love, Rachel and Lizzie

Jul 21, 2019

Are you guys enjoying our #realtalk yet?  You better buckle up, because this one gets even more vulnerable - from vagina issues to unpacking buried emotions...a lot is going on in the Flawed Females world!  Rachel's camping trip is like a national lampoon's movie and Lizzie's shares her South Carolina escapades.  We've...

Jul 14, 2019

We're big time now people - we have our first listener Q&A Episode!

We start by answering Jody in Iowa's question - How to get/stay motivated to workout in the summer months.  This one might get Rachel some haters - her feelings on motivation, habits, and that time she fell asleep doing P90X.  Lizzie shares her advice...

Jul 7, 2019

Sometimes crappy things happen for a reason.  For us, it was recording an hour long bomb episode, only to find afterward that there were technical glitches and you couldn't understand a single word that we were saying.  While re-recording episode 10, the conversation took a vulnerable turn and there were some tears...

Jul 1, 2019

How do we get on these topics, really?!
In this much anticipated episode (sorry for the hiatus...lots of deaths lately) we talk about sex...a lot. From sex clubs to sexting, sex toys, squirting, fantasies and porn preferences....we don't hold back as usual.
In addition to the dirty stuff, we chat about road...