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The Flawed Females Podcast

Rachel and Lizzie are shaking things up and talking about topics that women NEED to hear!  From Mindfulness to Meditation, Manifestation to Masturbation - nothing is off the table.  


If you're perfectly imperfect and ready to live a fucking amazing life...


This is the podcast for you.

Jan 20, 2020

We added a third voice to the cast' this week - Mollie Openshaw from Camp Midlife is joining us in studio to talk about allll the things, such as:

Does the gym vag attract men?

How does one find her cervix?

Sober sex, intoxicated sex, too much sex, and no sex at all.

Quick masturbation tips

Blow jobs during sex - when...

Jan 12, 2020

In this riveting episode of the flawedcast, Lizzie and Rachel talk about vision boards, vaginal discoloration, the joys of surprise sex, tales of how long labor lasts, and the stupid, stupid things that people say.   



Jan 6, 2020

You may listen to this episode and think "seriously WTF guys".  We talk about meeting the spirit of SPARK and let's just say...there was a placenta, lion, and crown involved.  If that doesn't make you want to join the new SPARK community, we don't know what will!  How about a special Flawed Females discount?  Click HERE...