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The Flawed Females Podcast

Rachel and Lizzie are shaking things up and talking about topics that women NEED to hear!  From Mindfulness to Meditation, Manifestation to Masturbation - nothing is off the table.  


If you're perfectly imperfect and ready to live a fucking amazing life...


This is the podcast for you.

Feb 18, 2020

Did you feel the earth shaking?  Lizzie's 2+ year dry spell has come to an end. 

Feb 3, 2020

This week's a doozy. It's been two weeks since our last 'cast and we have lots to catch up on.  

  • Anti-vaxers
  • Lizzie doesn't like Lizzo 
  • People who don't take care of their animals 
  • Autism in teens
  • What constitute's a perfect day
  • Eating at other people's houses
  • Pin the Persian on the p.ssy game.

Grab your headphones...